What makes us First in the Community?

For 160 years, First National Bank has been committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and has maintained a passion for doing what is right for our customers and the communities in which we serve. We truly believe that our success as a company is measured by the success of each of our stakeholders – our customers, communities, business partners, employees and the environment. Corporate social responsibility and giving back are not only part of our Operating Philosophy; they’re embedded in our corporate DNA. We do what is right for our stakeholders, get involved whenever our communities need help and we encourage all employees to volunteer and serve their communities.


At First National Bank it is our vision to have successful communities in all of the places we operate. To achieve our vision, we have identified a set of eight community focus areas to help create successful communities. Plus, over the next five years, it is our hope that the following community goals will be achieved:

  • 5,000 housing units in communities across our footprint will be constructed, rehabilitated, and financed using monetary investments and grants donated to organizations who are committed to creating access to stable and affordable housing.
  • 1,000 community events celebrating the arts, cultures, humanities and athletics will take place through sponsorships and donations to organizations who organize these opportunities to enrich the lives of individuals within our communities.
  • 50,000 individuals will be a step closer to self-sufficiency through vocation training, employability skills training, adult basic education, and other life-skills education made possible through grants, donations, and sponsorships to community partners delivering these programs and services.
  • 25,000 jobs will be created or retained in communities across our footprint via targeted investments and grants to community partners who help grow small businesses through training, technical assistance, and loans.

How do we plan to achieve our vision and goals? Over the next five years (2016-2020), we will invest $85,000,000 and 100,000 volunteer hours into organizations, programs, and initiatives that are creating successful communities. To learn more about our community investments, click here.